Mental Plasticity : the Brain that Heals Itself

— Mental Plasticity : the Brain that Heals Itself —


I saw this documentary on mental plasticity, after watching a series of videos on AI(artificial intelligence).

It’s us making a copy of our own intelligence.  There is this new view that it heals itself, according to this documentary The Brain That Changes Itself”.



Neuroplasticity is the normal term, but I call it mental plasticity. Doctors like using Greek. You can tell by their handwriting, I can’t read it.

Anyway, whatever we call it, neuro is the Greek word for nerve. Neurologist is a specialist doctor of the nervous system. I’ve seen many neurologists over the years, since my spinal injury. The first one I saw, was the greatest one. I only wished I listened to him.

Neuroplasticity is a new theory, but in the back of my mind, I always believed that.

I think we all believed that in whatever form of expression we chose to believe it in. The variables of life itself, is so awe inspiring. We can’t comprehend it. Where it makes sense, and we can articulate it into words, so that others will understand it.



The brain heals itself. Seeking new pathways to the nerves it accessed before, it only takes a lot of stress to achieve. The work involved is very stressful. You have to seek it without giving up.

I lost a lot of nerves to my talking, during my recovery from the stroke, and fighting the stuttering attacks was a chore. So, I now carry the words in a conversation without a problem, occasionally I have attacks, but they are usually when I’m not eating good. I still have weakness of the right hand, and lost the skin feeling. I have to favor my left hand for the feeling.

The brain is a tough cookie, and is continually healing itself. The thought of the brain dead, and dead for eternity, is a myth.

You just have to NOT give up.

You give up, you’re dead, before you’re dead.