Aphasia Stroke Memories and Education

— Aphasia : Stroke Memories and Education —


I want to share this story that lasted 3 years long, recovering from the stroke. I went through aphasia. It lasted 3 years, for me at least. Where people saw me, and never saw my pain. It was inside my being. I couldn’t express myself, the way I wanted to.

The following video speaks of 3 years of after I had the stroke. The improvements seemed to accelerate after I started taking less and less of coumadin. I don’t know what came first. The improvements, or the stopping of taking coumadin.

I noticed the improvements after the 2nd year passed. I thought I was a doctor. They taught me to take care of myself, so I decided to be in charge of my self medication. Just practicing what was preached to me by the nurses.



Types of Aphasia

I had both aphasias the fluent one and the non-fluent one. I couldn’t understand numbers first after the stroke which would be classified as the fluent one, and over the years it passed after the first year with being social.

The non-fluent form of aphasia, I had it when I was angry and stressed out. When I was calm and in control, I sounded intelligent and normal, otherwise I was having a stuttering attack and looking for the words. That was rare, and rarer, the more years passed.

There are many other forms of aphasia, but those are the main two. The rest are subjective under those two categories.


I learned when I ate a lot of greasy foods and not greens, I was feeling the effects of the stroke. I learned to drink a lot of water too, to overcome the instability of aphasia, mainly muscle weakness and lack of energy. Lethargic energy that you wear as a cross on your back.

Occasionally I had aphasia attacks when I wasn’t eating healthy, or the lack of water intake, but when I’m eating healthy and staying hydrated, all is good.



Aphasia was the most worst effect of the stroke. That I wouldn’t wish on my enemy.

It was the worst experience of my life, and I had a few, but aphasia was by far the worst. Always wanting to tell the truth. It was the worst, when you knew the truth, and the people you knew and loved, only saw you and felt sorry for you, rather than hear your words.

Because you were stuttering…their patience was exhausted. You didn’t feel well, and they didn’t feel well with what you said. It was like the Max Headroom days.

And my writing skills were deeply affected, and my signature was different every time I’d sign something, cause I’m right handed, and the stroke effected my right side.

The right hand there was no skin feeling, I mean there was a lack of touch sensitivity. I feel pain, but the sensitive feeling of touch, it was no more. It made me favor my left hand, when I try and reach something. Touch is a forgotten necessity.


Anyway, the aphasia days are in my rear view mirror. I just have to stop looking back, cause there wasn’t any good memories to remember. It at least made me a better person by revealing all my imperfections from reflecting on my insensitive actions towards others.

Self reflecting on those thoughts made you wise, but sharing that wisdom was a nightmare. Occasionally, there was appreciation.

“They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.” — Psalm 126:5



I guess I’ll have to wait, and plant my seeds. Though, some say they’re weeds. They’re healing when you reflect on them, and they grow inside, and feed you.

The thoughts, that follow what I said.

You can twist them anyway you want, and distort what I said, or you can better them by enhancing the taste. You can discard them or enhance them, the choice is yours.

Someone said “Never Give Up”, and I never did and I never will. When you feel like the whole world is against you, just never give up, and you’ll see your dreams and goals become true. The mental plasticity will reconnect those lost neurons, God designed it that way. Where there is a will, there is a way.