Pacifier Religions: once we’re sucking,we don’t cry

— Pacifier Religions: once we’re sucking, we don’t cry —


The religions of this fleshly world, are the pacifiers of the global society. They take the place of God, for just a temporary relief. The hunger is always there as long, as we are alive, but there is a spiritual hunger, and the fleshly logic pacifier is but a temporary relief.

We hear preachers teaching the things that God wants us to know, but it’s our imaginations that distort the message, and make it into a lie.


It’s like the children’s game of Telephone, where you sit in a circle, and whisper just once into the ear on your right, and when the thing returns to you, it seems distorted, or something totally opposite then what you said.

The message was from the spirit/God, but once it was instilled into mankind, it was tainted. Each generation is but another whisper, another distortion or another enlightenment.

We have an endless amount of religious scriptures, idols, and other’s testimonies that instill or distort our faiths.


Pacifier Religions


I just googled “pacifier religions”, and it seems, I’m not the first to make these comparisons.

Is the comparison a lie? Or is the extreme a lie?  I don’t like to be trying to figure it out, maybe that’s the lie.

I get my faith in believing, not for some icon, or understanding that I make up.

I use the scriptures for reinforcement of the beliefs that I have. So, I’m like a baby with a pacifier… I suck my thumbs at times when religions piss me off. Which has been many times.

I’m not against religions, cause kids will be kids… and I’m not a social extrovert. I’m more of an introvert, if I was anything. I understand the need for extroverts, but I understand the need for introverts more. We need both parts for the smooth running of a society. You need give and take, and you need a left and right hand.

We all have to learn to accept the truth, if we don’t, then we’re believing in lies.


Pride is the biggest Blinder


Pride is the biggest culprit of blinding the individual from the truth. Lying to themselves not to see the truth, cause it causes hurt to themselves, to humble and recognize their wrongs. It would be best for them to take the patriotic proud pill, and go to sleep, and blame/ignore the kids in the park/world for making noise.

I see everyone as a pain in the ass, for my discomfort, but I know, that it’s not true. I’m the main cause, of my discomfort, and people are just people trying to survive on their own, in this sick world.

There are many layers of people, like there are many layers to operating systems on a PC. The rich and the poor layers is one of them, there are many more layers, but to discuss them is boring and tedious.

Math is the key for PC’s, while some humans master math, some humans just take from the masters of math.

Numbers just confused me after my stroke, but before the stroke I was a math wiz. That portion of my brain that dealt with directions and math was wiped clean, and I had to reteach the connections again. That’s easier said, than done. When people presented me a bill, after my stroke…I just stared into a trance at paper filled with numbers, and me trying to make connections again. It just made me trance like.

Like a locked up PC… time to reboot.


Conclusion of Pacifier Religions


We have many Pacifier Religions with icons, books, scriptures, etc. that we use to replace God, but we end forgetting about God, and choose the replacement to protect us in this cruel world.

God is spirit, and must be sought within.

We are a part of God, however small it is. We received the breath of God, we became a living soul, not received a soul, but became a living soul.

That’s the introvert part of every human soul. The extrovert part of this soul is my music and blog writing, otherwise I’m mostly introverted.

God keeps telling me to more extroverted, but I say to God, people are just plain cruel, and I’m hurt continually when I am.

God tells me to suck it up, and stop being so sensitive.

The gossip of others is a major relinquishment of God’s powers, or maybe the other major magnification of God’s powers too. The gossip can be destructive or edifying. I’m still trying to make sense of that.

In the end, I expect God to be forgiving, and if God is going to send me to hell for the life I’ve lived, then I’m sorry that I served God.

It won’t be the first time that I deceived myself, but I’ll have faith in the Jesus Christ that I believe in. If the apostles lied, then I’ve been conned… again.

I believe like a child listening to the story of Santa Claus… I believed the first 4 years of my life, and then I found out that my parents lied to me… out of love for me, or so they said.

I would take kindly to the Santa story, if it was presented to me that way… a STORY. They formed the Santa story, so they could sell Christmas their way. Marketeers are my enemies, they peddle lies, as if they’re the pedals of truths.

Fascism is one ism that I hate… in small sessions it’s a treat, like salt and sugar, but not nutritious for the body.

If I don’t go mad before I die, then I want to wish you all the best trying to understand this world. If you’ve given up then you’re already dead…but to those who torment yourselves, then I wish you well.