Cop Resigns a Week after This

— Cop Resigns a Week (10 days) after This —



Taken from WTOP (Washington’s top news)

 “That officer, Shaun Jurgens, resigned from the city police department on May 14. But in a statement to the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, Jurgens says he did not violate any policies in the May 4 incident.”


This cop seemed like a sane person that got caught up by the fears in the end. The dangers of the modern way of life, dodging fears every which way we can.

Life was simple and uncomplicated in the 70’s before computers and fear started invading our lives, now we are treading in diarrhea to keep our heads above the stink.

The stink is all our tensions in the news today, the injustices that permeate our thoughts like a very bad odor.

They say he had a stroke, I could relate to his plight, cause I had one almost 11 years ago, and it was 3 years of not wanting to talk with anyone, for 3 years I didn’t answer the phone. So his not acknowledging their commands was relatable to me, cause he had a stroke that was the reason for his accident, he was in shock.

When you are going through a stroke, it’s confusing to you… this is before the stroke hits you physically, where the mobility doesn’t work like it should. I didn’t know I was going through a stroke when I was driving, but I had a very bad headache for days.

The headache must’ve been going on for a week at least, according to his words, that he told the Cop, cause he wasn’t crippled from his speech yet. So he could talk at least, I had no speech.

He had beers in his car, but his words were ones of pain, rather than slurred speech, the stroke was why he didn’t move when the cops were telling him to show his hands. He was in shock, as you watch the video his left hand seemed to be immobile. He seemed sick for a week, according to his own words.

The Cop that tasered him and pepper sprayed him, resigned after a week(10 days) of this incident, he was extremely sorry from what I could tell, though I didn’t witness his remorse first hand.

It was a sad scene, the mouths on the cops has turned from the day I grew up, to being raunchy rather than rational, vulgar and disrespectful rather than polite and reasonable. That’s what technology does to the humanity of the individuals, it turns us into animals that live by instinct and impulse.

We don’t overcome our fears by spreading fears, it like cursing for cursing, fire for fire, and think of the worst thing you could think of, and then think of ridding it out of your life, choosing that bad thing to rid it out of your life just spins you in a circle, like a twister of confusion.

It doesn’t get rid of it at all, it just a shit storm of the thing you are trying to get rid of, and it destroys everything in your life, and leaves you trying to pick up the pieces… like a storm that has gone through your town/life.

This storm brought back memories for me, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, not even my enemies… strokes takes more than its given, it’s a strange Ride… if you don’t give up.