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Political Correctness is a misnomer

political correctness

— Political Correctness: a misnomer, more a political censorship —   Political correctness is a misnomer. It should be labeled as a political censorship. I saw today the head of the DNC resigned today, 2 days before the convention starts. Someone doesn’t like me, or my political views. They are attacking me and my other …

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Goodbye to Reason8 and Hello to Acid7

— Goodbye to Reason8 and Hello to Acid7 —   I tried to work with Reason8, and the limitations on where the recordings are going was like… I’m writing another post “things that annoy me about Reason8”, so I got tired of waiting to authorize it, which I finally did after a couple of weeks, …

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A little conspiracy fix

— A little conspiracy fix —    The Smart TVs are collecting data and recording your words, in fact they tell you in their privacy statements. I bought a Smart TV a couple of years ago, and after I bought it, I learned this. I suspected it before I bought one, but after my suspicions …

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Record Inspection Dept.


” I personally believe there should be a Record Inspection Dept.(RID) to get rid of any corruption found within the government… they could have National Security clearance, no legislative, judicial, or executive influence or power. They are elected to the position by the people, and do not answer to any branch of the government. They …

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