Record Inspection Dept.


Ancient off road vehicle could be compared to this country’s govt, it needs a major overhaul.

I personally believe there should be a Record Inspection Dept.(RID) to get rid of any corruption found within the government… they could have National Security clearance, no legislative, judicial, or executive influence or power. They are elected to the position by the people, and do not answer to any branch of the government.

They are not lifetime politicians, but average citizens who after the term of the president, return to their jobs. Are given a leave of absence, so that they may return to their previous positions. Their previous positions must have no contract with the government. They are strictly servants of the people.

If they find corruption in one branch of the government, then they report this issue to the two other branches of government for investigation, as well as a report to the people, so they can address their representatives in power, so that nothing is blacked out, and we could have a smooth running government…

I mean we have fuel filters on a car, why not filters on the departments that fuel the power of this government over the people rather than under it.
The web is full of conspiracy and misinformation/disinformation, as well as what I might write here in this Almanac, but my intentions are to uncover the truth, not to own it or lead by it… The truth to me, is the right of every living soul to know… not something you should have to pay for or labor for.

I wrote this in 2003 and believe in it even more now, we need not politicians running the govt, but true representatives representing us.

Not creating another bureaucracy, but true representatives. You could say a true political machine maintenance team, like auto mechanics takes care of the engines of vehicles, we hire mechanics that take care of the political machine, like jury duty, they are not elected, and they don’t get aggressive in their investigations, I’m talking the state level, as well as the federal govt level.

The legislative, judicial, and executive branch of the govt, is subject to people’s representatives(RID). We set aside the taxes that pays their salaries, it could be a year to 2 years term, and every 1-2 years we hire of send out jury notices, and hire a new team…the size of the team is always changing, so no new cronies form. The team is a committee that picks the investigative team, so no new cronies are formed, they both are interchangeable every 1-2 years…the committee and the team of reps, so it a 2 part system, it’s like a fuel filter for the engine.

Since the filters are changed fresh every year no cronyism or corruption will form to block the flow of the fuel. There are many more problems that will be unforeseen, requiring tune ups and changing plugs.
I’m comparing to to a combustible engine, but it’s an organic engine too…but that’s not my expertise, heck I’m a rotten mechanic too.

Career politicians are the old cronies, it’ll keep them in check. The congress was formed to keep them in check, and that didn’t work, like they pick juries you make a process to pick the teams to hire. They will be the true reps of the people, they won’t be subject to govt, but govt will be subject to them, and since they are always changing, they hold no legislative power, judicial power, or executive power they won’t be corrupted.

They have the power to report what they find, like an investigative journalist.
Which might be another can of worms. It’s a machine by my eye, and I think this will be a way for the machine to run smoothly, till something else goes wrong.

Cause there is too much corruption in the govt as it is, we need an overhaul… the engine block is cracked and there is no more running it, as it has been run.