A little conspiracy fix

— A little conspiracy fix —


 The Smart TVs are collecting data and recording your words, in fact they tell you in their privacy statements.

I bought a Smart TV a couple of years ago, and after I bought it, I learned this. I suspected it before I bought one, but after my suspicions were confirmed.

  Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition.

You have to turn it on, Voice Recognition, I think not, it’s in there and they could turn it on, unbeknownst to me.

I should trust the big bad corporations, because they wouldn’t lie.

I’ll believe that the next time I’m watching their lying commercials.

I’m a conspiracy nut, but I like to think of myself as aware to the point of madness, is a better way to label it. I know the truth, and I’m ok with that, it’s them who lives in denial. They lie to deny it, and make us feel like we’re crazy, and call us conspiracy nuts.

They want to do us good, sure as long as we feed the profit driven machine with belief, as the fuel. It doesn’t matter that they lie, as long as we believe, we’ll be constantly disappointed.

Dukkha of the Buddhist religion, which my cousin brought to my mind today with a call, while we had a very deep conversation, as we do every time we speak. The Dukkha is a noble truth meaning life is unsatisfactoriness, that humans are clinging to every desire and technology to make their lives better, but once they get it, it’s short lived in their minds and on to the next fallacy to cling to.

So the dukkha best explains the Smart TV debacle, what’s next?

Whatever it is, be assured there will be another conspiracy theory about it. It’s an endless list of illusions, of this world and this life, that we seek out, and never finding, but always seeking.

Like a chicken with his/her head cut off, I never seen it, but I heard stories that they run around, it’s the classic comparisons to this life. We go on knowing that we are going to die, but we go on hoping that we never die, like a chicken with his/her cut off. All in the space of a lifetime, thank God, IS is not in charge, they are the blade that cut off our heads.

I’m getting weird, so I should stop there… just don’t talk in front of your Smart TV, it’s going to whoever is in cahoots with Samsung or any other Smart TV maker. I read Samsung is the maker of all TV screens. I read that in the 1980s in a trade magazine. No matter, if it’s another brand, they bought it from Samsung.