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Vegas went downhill

I went back to Vegas Pro 21 DAW & Video Editing program And it was a disappointment. I left it in the Vegas15 version, I don’t know the last version I used it was 12 or 15… it means I have to get the other laptop… and this bed’s full already… I think it was …

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I Won’t Be Programmed.

The Casino Games In Life, War and Destruction. “… The reconstruction of Gaza, And put real money into the game…” — Matthew Miller I won’t be programmed is a reference to Siteground’s or some other hacker censoring of my words, there’s an astronomical number of variable for the causes, but I had to change the …

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Hackers and Blowhards

— Hackers and Blowhards — Between the hackers and blowhards I don’t see much difference, I’m an easy target… a real blowhard. It doesn’t take much to make me look like an asshole, but it doesn’t say much for you as a hacker, I’ll find out how to block you, and blowhard about how I …

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