Vegas went downhill

I went back to Vegas Pro 21

DAW & Video Editing program
And it was a disappointment.

I left it in the Vegas15 version, I don’t know the last version I used it was 12 or 15… it means I have to get the other laptop… and this bed’s full already… I think it was 12… when Sony owned it.

I made this monstrosity with Vegas 21… it’s simple and error ridden, and it kept crashing, so I had to save with each click… 

I started in DaVinci Resolve, and got through 3/4 of it, and I wanted to finish it… or it would go into my mind’s back burner, and then it would disappear into oblivion.

I just finished the Megalopolis with Lynn’s backing vocals, and added the lyrics in the bridge… it looks good to me now… but I want to add more music in the jam solo section… but my musical skills are lacking, I don’t practice anymore in since 2005.

I haven’t even tried, except the keyboard, and occasional guitar doodles for a few bars… but I’ve been listening to other’s good music… It’s just a rehash of older music… nobody is original anymore, once sampling has taken over.

Well, this my last attempt at making this song sound good… nobody wants to believe in me… and I’m growing old, so I could be a Grumpy Old Man on a SNL skit.

I’m just feeling sorry for myself, and “I liked it”… but all the world didn’t… they look to capitalize on my suffering, with pity and sympathy… disguised as charity.

Oh I’m being the cynical fool again… but that’s me… a fool till the end, but I’m hoping to be wise the next life… it’s living the life of a fool, to know what not to choose… and hope God forgives me, cause I’m a slow learner… a retard, oh I should say mentally challenged.

I guess that words are a game of semantics… either they’re sandpaper, or a pillowy surface… I like it rough, though I like it pillowy too, but pillowy just puts me to sleep.

So this is the Megalopolis, last attempt of being creative.