Hackers and Blowhards

— Hackers and Blowhards —

robber-303444_640Between the hackers and blowhards I don’t see much difference, I’m an easy target… a real blowhard.

It doesn’t take much to make me look like an asshole, but it doesn’t say much for you as a hacker, I’ll find out how to block you, and blowhard about how I did it, so everyone knows about you and how I figured it out. It’s inevitable that it will be done, that’s my goal.

So you fastxak.com and edunok.ru be aware I’m tracking you…not digitally.

I’m the blowhard, did you figure that out… and the hackers got a free pass from google, cause they are using proxy software, maybe ones they wrote. If you understand proxy software, I don’t, but from what I understand of it, it masks your IP under a proxy…or maybe it doesn’t I went through a lot today. I’ve been spun out to dry.

My thanks to Siteground, my hosting site, Wordfence security, Sucuri Security, and WordPress. WordPress could do a better job screening the plugins, but they made a great free program. Open Source is the way to go. So thanks to Firefox too, they’re open source software too… In fact to all open source software out there, I say thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I don’t mind paying for something, but when I do, my assumptions have always been my downfall. I wasted so much money on something over the years, all I did was pay for research and development of a program that was a good idea, but fizzled out on how to apply it.


This is from yesterday, since the thing I wrote about the IRS scam that didn’t get restored because I restored to a point where I never written it, anyway…

I received a call yesterday on my landline phone, it was someone foreign, not a native English speaker impersonating an IRS agent,

I think he said Officer Norville at the end… I don’t know, it was a bad recording, and what accent it puzzles me, but my guess is South American accent, but it could be Russian.

If you get a call claiming they’re the IRS, it’s a scam, cause the IRS doesn’t call you, they send a letter and give you a phone# for you to call, and they shouldn’t represent themselves as what they are…they’re not cops.

But you can report them here : http://www.treasury.gov/tigta/contact_report_scam.shtml

In fact the IRS is not constitutional, it never got the full states approval of the amendment, but they conned the American people to pass it, illegally. I shouldn’t complain about it, they pay my salary indirectly through the VA.

But after today, I’m going full blowhard mode…I’ll say stupid stuff to show how the human race can look so amateurishly like an asshole, sometimes, other times they act normal when they’re mouths stay shut.

Well, that what went on today… the site got shut down, and now it’s back up