The meaning of Terminologies is all you need to Understand.

Not as an Expert,

But in the grading of a Student
Of Life Itself

“A system of words used to name things,
in a particular discipline”


Terminologies are a major factor in understanding of everything in life, and whether it’s darkness and shadows you’re trying to understand, or its full sunlight that you’re in, to understand… you need understanding to grow like a mold, or up towards the sun.

Functions in programming language, and could be a stackable overload, and crash the program, if you’re a sloppy coder… which I would be, if I stuck with coding classes in college.

If you understood the terminologies, then it would be like second nature, or the back of your hand, if you need another way to look at it, to understand about anything in life.

An Arborist studies trees and plants, and they have their own terminologies, that would sound like gibberish to some, and make sense to someone in the gardening field, and they would welcome the knowledge.

Every career has their own special terminologies, the medical field has many unknowns, and long and complicated words to describe their diseases, cures, and medicines, but if you’re familiar with them, then you can understand them.

Which is why I’m on bedrest, of being my own doctor… I knew the Iodoform would kill the sore’s infection, but not 10 days of it, while getting up on it. Which is why it was to be used, only for1 or 2 days, without getting up on it, cause it’s an indiscriminate debrider too.

If I understood the medical field terminologies, than I would be a doctor, or interested in being a doctor, but I chose music instead, or I should say music production with technology, to be more precise… but that is even lacking, with the new techs in music, being formed everyday.

It feels like, I’m anticipating disappointment, with what’s next?

Terminologies are a distraction to some, and an enhancement of understanding to others… it either gibberish/confusion, or a well explained word to the listeners, that understand them.

Well, this is the video, that inspired this post, of the description of terminologies… by LaurieWired.