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What is GOD?

  I Wonder! I‘ve been wondering about God all my life, and I’ve come to the conclusion that God, is everyone alive and dead, and righteousness is his way, cause everything the devil does is evil, and he’s the darkside of God. I came from the Catholic indoctrination, the NYC Catholicism, cause I find the …

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Waste Material as a Fertilizer

Manure on the Fields of Humanity. I guess the world will be a better place, without the cynical me on it. It makes me sad and mad at least, so I guess, that I spread sadness and madness, wherever I go. George Harrison made an album “All Things Must Pass”, and the song All Things …

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PCP or THC… they told me it was THC

PCP or THC? We wait for the signs, and they are always changing like the waves of the sea, every wave seems the same, but every wave has a different effect on the shoreline. Erosion takes place with every wave hit, but it also brings in sand. The displacement, be it plus or negative, the …

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