Waste Material as a Fertilizer

Manure on the

Fields of Humanity.

I guess the world will be a better place, without the cynical me on it. It makes me sad and mad at least, so I guess, that I spread sadness and madness, wherever I go.

George Harrison made an album “All Things Must Pass”, and the song All Things Must Pass is a turning point, on the clock of time, the Beatles broke up the next year, and it never was released on the white album. It was written the year of 1969, and recorded by the Beatles, but they didn’t release it.

Here’s a version by Pete Forbes, I liked this better than George’s version… it talks about everything must pass and die, and it gave me a sense of, the next step to take in life… and it gave me peace, and no fear… though he was a simple fool, like me.

He washed my fears of death from my mind/s. I have a lot of minds, I became mentally sick from PCP usage, along with LSD, Quaaludes, THC, etc., in my younger years. We all have fears to overcome, by facing them without fear in you, and overcoming them with patience, and washing off their stains from your bodies.

Fear are like shit stains on your underwear, you have to wash them off with bleach or soap… cause no one likes to be reminded of their fears, everytime you undress for bed for rest.

Shit in the field, instead of in your pants.

Use your manure like a fertilizer for the fields on Earth, and eat the crops that grow, and see all the pretty flowers of the weeds, like the entertainment industry, music, paintings, movies, etc. … cause they are artful things, mostly vain noise… or weeds, in some eyes, but they have a purpose.

And once they discover it, they copyright it.

And don’t get me going about the crops, and their bioengineering by hybridization of the crops, they made celiac disease.

So while we poop on ourselves in the news, and talk about ourselves in the gossip mags, and the scandal rags, we confuse the simplicity of breathing, into the complex forms of living.

Fears is a fear, that we have to battle throughout our lives, and it covers all the unknowns of life, from the mundane fears, to the spiritual fears… and all the unknown fears beyond that.

We shit on the news, with people we don’t agree with, and it focuses our minds on the solutions, instead of the criticisms of cynicism.

We have to find the solutions, but no one is listening, it’s all talk talk talk.

We give our feedback, and unless it solved the problem, it mean more words bubbling up from the depths of the brew/conversation about the problem. I guess it’s a merry go round of life, it seems that there is more to life, than an amusement ride.

I guess that we’ll have to wait till life ends, to know why we lived at all.

It would be better to know why we lived at all, as a precursor to the reason for being born. I always thought of that, after being born as a kid. I was so inquisitive about life, and always was, and I still am.
I think inquisitiveness is a ghost, that haunts me all of my life.

You can’t kill ghosts, so you have to live with them in peace… and hopefully as a friend, or enemy with a peace treaty agreement… but that’s needs another paragraph to explain, and I want to get up and eat… having an ice cream cone of shit is making me hungry.