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Puberty Kicked My Ass… and still did over the years

My Battles With Puberty   Puberty was confusing, to say the least. I remember my first sex act, and my first orgasm with someone else… it made me feel ashamed. I guess she was feeling in love… but it seemed excruciatingly wrong to me. Orgasms have a way of making you feel…your whole body tightens …

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Stairway to Heaven

— Stairway to Heaven, at least they added vocals —   I listened to the song by Spirit called Taurus, and the song Stairway to Heaven. There is also another song by Bach – Bourree in E minor that sound familiar to both those songs. I guess Bach is not around to collect royalties. His …

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Panic settings, live them with cheer!

panic attack

— Panic attack settings, live with them, with cheer in your Heart! —   I went online to FB, and wanted to turn off the notifications that I’m online. It seems that is no way in settings, it’s on the main page, “turn off chat” is all I had to do. Put it in “Settings” …

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Let The Mystery Be

— Let The Mystery Be : Iris DeMent— Iris DeMent – Let the Mystery Be…  lyrics     I never heard of this song before, and it touched upon what I’ve been troubled by all my life, I should just let the mystery be whatever, it wants to be, if I can explain it to …

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Today’s YouTube Feeds 10/3/15

— Today’s YouTube Feeds 10/3/15 —   This is propaganda, it’s trying to rid the daesh(IS) scourge from gaining ground. Whether it’s true or not, they say it’s true. I wish it was. No one in their right mind would kill in the name of God… since God made everyone alive. It would be like …

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