Panic settings, live them with cheer!

— Panic attack settings, live with them, with cheer in your Heart! —


I went online to FB, and wanted to turn off the notifications that I’m online. It seems that is no way in settings, it’s on the main page, “turn off chat” is all I had to do.

Put it in “Settings” FB.

That was my first panic attack of the day, after a friend of mine asked if he could call me tonight. I said NO, rather rudely, and thought I’d try him after I made something to eat, cause it was dinner time for me when he asked me if he could call, so I called him after thinking about it, and it went to voicemail.

So I asked if it was a bad time to call… Rather flippantly this time.

I finally figured it out, it seems don’t activate your account after deactivating it, and trust FB to keeps your settings.


Well, this video touched my heart today. It was going through the moments in our lives that paralyzed you in the moments of sadness or joyousness, and they were to be lived with joy in your heart, even the sad times, cause you know they’ll pass.



I agree with Jason 98%, until just before he slayed the dragon. That dragon is different for everybody, and is reborn as another panic attack, or another dragon to slay. I would rather make friends with the dragon, so I could bypass the traffic jams that he instills.

A friend in love is his/her only hope to see their wrongs or rights.

Not everybody is perfect, like some egotistical people believe about themselves… ahem Trump.

We don’t like fascism, and don’t want a dictator… we were founded on freedom. When a fascist is a ruler, there is no freedom. Ooops I’m breaking into the political realm. I’m dead set against the Bern too, it’s too socialistic, not that it’s nice to get free things, but who’s paying for it? Somebody’s paying for it. Let’s take a potshot at Hillary too, we’ve covered her swaying between all the issues, whatever was politically correct at the time, that’s her position, and defending her prior positions of deniable accountability, and not confessing they were wrong… just deniability, not accountability.

I live that with a smile on my face… and in my heart.

Whew, I slew the dragon, and I know there will be more reborn for that slaying… like in Hellboy where the demons are slayed and two more were reborn, they were immortal demons. You kill them and they double.


I would rather slay them with love, it stops their reproduction, and starts to transform them. It may take time, but love is patient above all. Love is hard to do sometimes, but it never fails… you have to be willing to lose sometimes, a predicament I have grown use to.

Oh, I sound like the Donald, though I am a Loser… at least I’m not a coward. I’m indifferent to everything, winners and losers… which makes me a loser again, so somebody else can win.

Each title carries a heavy weight, so I don’t see the titles as different, it means you have to carry the weight, either way. Winner or loser, you have to carry that weight.

I ask why?

Since we’re all going to the same place in the end. We should share our joys, not deny or hoard in a game. That’s where the winners and losers are born in the game of life. I don’t play games with life, I’m a party pooper.