Today’s YouTube Feeds 10/3/15

— Today’s YouTube Feeds 10/3/15 —


This is propaganda, it’s trying to rid the daesh(IS) scourge from gaining ground. Whether it’s true or not, they say it’s true. I wish it was.

No one in their right mind would kill in the name of God… since God made everyone alive. It would be like God sitting in a corner and punching himself in the face… it’s the sickness of God. God is no person, God is spirit… what is spirit? You need to answer that, before you preach God’s judgment.

Why are ISIS recruits defecting?


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I never saw Jon Stewart’s replacement Trevor Noah, but this was worth the watch and the common things Trump had with Idi Amin, it was scary to say the least.

Enough said, Watch it!



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This is the new wearable technologies, better than a watch. It’s the whole screen flexible, this was amazing I saw it a couple of years ago, a flexible screen.

I don’t know about the technology of a flexible screen, but it’s amazing to say the least, and no more broken screens… I don’t know the durability of the quality without scuff marks or scratches. There must be a material that will coat nontoxic and bend and be clear.



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This is a song by Dave Wermers called “Better Off” it’s talking about not running your mouth uncontrollably cause words have the tendency to hurt.

Especially in a rude and angry tone, but after you said it, it’s too late to reel it back in. You should watch what you say, or regret most of your life. It’s not what you say to the person you regret, it’s what you say behind their back, cause you curse them behind their back.

You talk in conjectures and assumptions, like the politicians do, and they’ll regret their lives… I moved to Montana to get away from all that… but that’s not happening, I’d have to go to Mars to achieve that, cause it’s a one way trip, and then I’m dead.