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C’set La Vie

Joey Harkum I remember, I sang like this too. Chords and Lyrics Here It was a long time ago, I was only armed with an acoustic guitar, and became delusional seeking fame and riches, and being idolized for being a rock star… I had to have a stroke to come to my true senses. I’ve …

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Somebody Like Me

This song is singing about me. Chase McDaniel – Somebody Like Me I‘m feeling sorry for myself, in my narcissistic ways, and I’m tired, and I haven’t got more than 2 hours sleep, before I had to get up, and sign for the used MPC Live2 package from Fedex. I got it, but I don’t …

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Good and Evil Discussions

Good & Evil Two Sides of the Same Coin of Life Sometimes we hear voices in our minds, giving the pros and cons of the subject, that is in your mind at the time. Trying to make a selection/decision, but we listen to them under the guise of the masks, that they wear, and become …

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Weeds or Wild Flowers


What Determines a Weed?   The world today is quick to call wildflowers weeds, cause they don’t know the use of yet. It’s easier to call them weeds, and let them be done with it. This what my lawn would look like, and the noxious weed officers gave me a warning that I had to …

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The First 100 Days of Trump’s Rules

trump's 100 days

— The First 100 Days of Trump’s Rules —   The first 100 days is over on April 29th, 2017, and I will crawl into my hole the next four years, if he hasn’t destroyed our country before then.  When I come out of my hole, and see the mess that he has made, I’ll …

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Racism is Coming Alive Again


— Racism is Coming Alive Again : Germany publishes Mein Kampf — The Rise Of Neo-Nazism In Russia (2004)   Russia’s recent rise of neo Nazism was filmed in 2004, and I’m wondering, if the same mentality exists today. I guess racism is on the rise all over the world, since Germany republished Hitler’s Mein …

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