Racism is Coming Alive Again

— Racism is Coming Alive Again : Germany publishes Mein Kampf —

The Rise Of Neo-Nazism In Russia (2004)


Russia’s recent rise of neo Nazism was filmed in 2004, and I’m wondering, if the same mentality exists today.

I guess racism is on the rise all over the world, since Germany republished Hitler’s Mein Kampf. “My Struggle” in English, I never read it, it’s supposed to be Hitler’s plan for world domination.

Everyone wants power over another to make their life better, but then the other serves your will. You need not be a tyrannical master, or it causes unhappiness in your servants. That hierarchy needs to exist if any social order is to be established, without social order there is chaos/anarchy/racism/hate. There is already that in the world today.

The belief that anarchy is the answer, is believed by a die hard few, but I see them as delusional, that there needs to be no order. No rulers = No chaos.

I tend to believe that, but I see that moral principles as the rulers. Love is the one ruler, that I want to dominate every aspect of my life, whether it be racist suspicions, or some other delusional views. Love delivers all from the judgments of delusional power, and frees you from the strangle holds of delusions.

Love and truth does that.

Truth is the key element in that formula, and love is the healer of the hurt. Truth hurts pride, if you don’t want to let go of the delusions, and love is the healer of those delusional wounds.


I‘m just spouting off on my personal ideologies, that would make this world a better place. Some might mock me, and call me the delusional one.

Lies breeds corruptions, and hate brings pains through delusional judgments. Prejudices breed hate, it’s a neverending cycle of hate.

Hate doesn’t bring harmony or peace, only pain within the individual and the world.

Love and truth is the way to heaven on earth. Hell has long been the ruler of earth, and it’s time for a change.


 I found a 1939 English translation of Mein Kampf. It’s a large book, can’t read it overnight… and it covers of his personal life too. It talks of the use of propaganda, and its uses as a means to an end.

My question is who does it favor in the end?

“Propaganda is a means and must, therefore, be judged in relation to the end it is intended to serve.”
— Adolf Hitler – (chapter 6) Mein Kampf


I’m curious as to what was the reason he was so delusional, and tried to rule the world.


“Nationalism is a disease, that dreams of delusional thinking, and is happy being sick.” — unknown