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Multi Dimensional Layers of Society

Where you don’t know what layer your on, and you’re lost. Life is made of different layers, like leaves on a tree, each individual leaf contains many layers to their individuality. What season is in bloom, and natures have different realities, different Layers. Life has so many layers, every aspect of life contains different, multidimensional …

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Tech : No Logic there

— Tech : No Logic there, but there is a lot of confusion —   With all the Tech I went trough this last week, I imagine there will be something new to put it into oblivion next week, or next month. Tech is a special language, meaning you have to memorize all the acronyms, …

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Radical Christianity vs Radical Islam

— Radical Christianity vs Radical Islam : Born out of Judaism —   The dangers of radical Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and the media are feeding the fervors of radicalism in all religions. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all born out of the Abrahamic traditions. We are all the seed of Abraham, but we are …

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