7 Spirits of God.

What are the 7 Spirits of God?

A waterlike Spirit taking
the form of your character.

Could be emotional and Sad, as well as Joyful. The spirit lives emotionally, that’s where emotions are real feelings… and that’s where you really breathe life itself.
Emotional pains always crushed me, at the core of my being… and it gave me a suicidal relief feeling. Which brought me to God, to relieve my pains as a pill.

The Seven Spirits can be Explained this Way.

1) The Spirit of the LORD
2) The Spirit of wisdom
3) The Spirit of understanding
4) The Spirit of counsel
5) The Spirit of power
6) The Spirit of knowledge
7) The Spirit of the fear of the Lord

Rather than the manipulations effects of Fear, you only need fear of the God… it’s internal, and ethics is one of the crowns you wear.

Knowledge gives you the power in the education, and makes you aware of all things around you, and not get trapped in a rut, like spinning your tires in a snowstorm.

Power is one crown you wear, but not over others, but internally over your own decisions, and events in your life. You will be admired with flattery, but that can be used to dilute your power, and neutralize your power… and make you like Jabba da Hutt from Star Wars, and “exemplifies lust, greed, and gluttony”… which is what our govt has become.

Counsel is solving problems, like a riddle solver with relationships with love and truth, and also solving conflicts with forgiveness and consolation.
Proverbs 11:14 –
“Where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”
It didn’t work for the Jews, it only led them to sin more, and create a bubble of ignorance and diaspora.
They should’ve read the whole chapter The Folly of Wickedness”.

Understanding is a phenomenal display of love and truth. It’s the spirit of understanding, that quells the spirit of confusion and chaos to the souls… yours and mine.
It’s a form of enlightenment too, unless it’s disinformed, or misinformed, they only lead to pains in the future… and maybe tears, from losses.

Wisdom is something I’m not the master of, cause I’ve been a victim of foolishness all my life… always been a fool for love. But truth gives me wisdom to make the right choices, unless hubris makes me a fool again.
I guess we all face the hubris monster, and are victims of our overconfidence and arrogance.
But we all need to be subjective, to wisdom as a child, cause there is so much, that we don’t know yet… but it’s hard for being a child, without love and truth, than dead and buried, into the dirt of oblivion.

The Holy Spirit of God, is the final Spirit of our existence… it’s instilled in us.
Sometimes, indoctrinated in us, graced in us, or forcibly morally occupying us, but they’re a part of God, or if you’re an atheist, than you’re probably in, the morally occupied group.

But we are all in the beliefs of your parents frame of mind… and since they didn’t believe in God, you don’t believe in God too. I was educated in a Catholic school, and in the first grade, I saw a Nun make a girl bend over, and she whacked her with a pointer stick in front of the whole class.
Which probably stung her with a lot of pain… which made her a hypocrite, educating with love and forgiveness, and displaying that before the class.

I wasn’t impressed with the Catholic religion after that, but I saw I needed it ingrained into my being… so I went along, till I was educated in the ways of the world… and I became an atheist, or suicidal.

But one night I communed with the Spirit of God, which was my minds imagery of Jesus, when I was trying to reach the space aliens…  and he said in my mind “I’m all, that is out here for you”, I might be paraphrasing of what he said, but you can get the gist of what he said.

Which can go into a long rant of what happened… I told him a I needed a sign… but he let me go on talking with all of my foolishness… well, I asked to be crippled, and he would tell me to walk again, but I included, that he didn’t have tell me to walk again, I would believe in him forever… cause he answered my prayers by crippling me.

What a foolish thing to say. I regret saying that last piece of foolishness… cause there has been moments where I felt as hopeless, as that night when I was telepathically trying to reach the space aliens.

There has been many blessings and graces, that sustained me, but there has been many trials and sins/mistakes/errors too. I said I would not fall into the bottomless hole of disbelief again, and I did it to my best with sincerity/truthful loyalty.

I wonder when I’ll hear him again speaking a language I can understand… like English, but it’s been a couple of years he’s been silent… unless I’m coming into harm, and he guides with me with one word English warnings. But silence and feelings are his only communications, and since God, and him are one… I’m not sure of what he is saying.

Which is maddening sometimes, as the drugs, I used to commit suicide, and woke up blind… which could be a sign, of what I escaped from.

Well, I’ll try to keep figuring out what God is trying to convey to me… through feeling language, I need a teacher, that speaks the feeling words of language… but God is telling me I need no teacher, cause God is inside of you, and is always there.

Yeah, but God’s silent… and I feel abandoned… I guess there a way around this confusion/junk, and enlightenment jewels you pick up during your travels, like a video game that give you a grace point in your score… well, I’ve had enough grace points… I hope, that it did not make God mad at me, cause I live by the grace of God.

See, I always think of foolish things… and I’m probably sinning right now. God have mercy on me… I’m a sinner, and I don’t have any idea of what you are saying to me.
I need a companion to brainstorm with, and uncover the treasures, that lie under the dirt in this world.

Proverbs 11:29
“He who troubles his own house will inherit the wind,

And the fool will be servant to the wise of heart.”