Tech : No Logic there

— Tech : No Logic there, but there is a lot of confusion —


road-166543_640With all the Tech I went trough this last week, I imagine there will be something new to put it into oblivion next week, or next month. Tech is a special language, meaning you have to memorize all the acronyms, or at least understand the terminology.

Cause it’s a developing language, like a virus in a Petri dish.

It gives you so much, if you understand it, and it takes everything from you, if you don’t.

Confusion is a robber, a thief. Understanding is a blessed giver.

Tech talk that confuses you is stealing your precious time, and maybe more, if you research it even further. Enlightenment through understanding is a giver, in fact it may restore your time to your confusions.

Whatever thievery went on with your time with confusions. Understanding, dispels your confusions. It fortifies your mind with comprehension. It strengthens your time and mind.


There is a lot of the tech talk that steals from me, cause I don’t understand it. When I do understand it, it refreshes me. The things I lost in the confusions, I get more stuff in the new understandings to make up for what was lost.

The tech talk from someone claiming to be an expert, is a BS artist at best.

No one person knows all the knowledge about computers, except if they memorized all the acronyms, that will confuse you. Beware the “mask” of expertise, and don’t be frightened by it. It’s a mask, like a tribal mask used to scare you off, either by magnifying it size or by smelling like an awful taste.




“The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.”
Sydney J. Harris


Emotionless as a computer, mankind will become the collective Borg, or the emotionless character of the Vulcans. The collectiveness of the Borg is a noble cause, but their emotionless is a detriment to humanity. Their ego is of a collective nature, and lacks emotional sensitivity. True, there is a sensitivity, but it’s a defensive sensitivity. It’s not processed the same, as an emotional one.

We have to come to grips within ourselves, be it in its flippancy, or its seriousness. We have to grab hold of something, rather than spinning like a toilet in its flush cycle. It fills the cesspools of the world, but it doesn’t give you anything to stand on with a sure foot.

Tech talk is the way towards hell, or tech talk is the way towards a heavenly paradise too… you decide.


“The point is not how we use a tool, but how it uses us.”
Nick Joaquín, Culture and History