Radical Christianity vs Radical Islam

— Radical Christianity vs Radical Islam : Born out of Judaism —


The dangers of radical Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and the media are feeding the fervors of radicalism in all religions. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all born out of the Abrahamic traditions. We are all the seed of Abraham, but we are feuding to our heart’s content over piddly things. We believe in the same things, but we all have a different perspective of the same God.

Christians see God’s Heart, with love as the forefront of his message. The Islamic teachings see the glory of God as the most important faction of God, but they revert to the old testament’s form of judgment which is a violent one… though Christianity joined that mindset during the Crusades, but after that the reformations took center stage.

Judaism started the whole mess trying to understand a God that encapsulates the whole universe. The moment they compared him to a man is when they made the mistake of having others before God.


“… God is Spirit.”  — John 4:24, words of Jesus


True, there were and are prophets that serve God, and true they’ve suffered from persecutions before God, but they preserved the message that was ordained by God.

It’s only the religions, that got it wrong with their embellishments with traditions, preachings, and ceremonies. They gave birth to radicalism… stirring the fervorous pot of understanding.

I’m not anti-religious, but I’m more the rational understanding type of person. I understand that the emotional needs is the human way. Emotions burn the principles like brandings on the minds of the individuals. Hopefully, to become a better people.

But I fear that radical Christianity will take the same path that the radical Islam does, by war with our brothers and sisters in the name of the same God. We speak of love and forgiveness all the while, when our hearts are filled with judgments, and no forgiveness.



The seeds of deception are planted from the media, as well as the truth. The media is in control of the world’s rulers that are under the delusions, that we pick or chose them, even the dictators. We are all witnesses of the same God. It just matters, what part of God that we are looking at.

God is as vast as the universe, and if there is a beyond the universe, that too.

Radical Islam is a danger, so can be radical Christianity, and along with radical Judaism, we all march to the Armageddon’s battlefield. If it’s not put under control, through enlightenment.

Love, truth, and forgiveness will be our motivational forces to get there, and beyond to the future… or we will become extinct, like the dinosaurs before.


Radical is the keyword that we should focus on. It’s meant for change, which is good, but most often is a bad violent change. It’s the violent kind that is destructive. The inventive kind of radical is our blessings. Though it’s tainted with greed for sustainability. Radical is good and bad, like everything else in the world.

It’s the meaning of the word, it can be good and bad. I won’t harp on that point too much, but it needs to be in your mindset, rather than the negative only version. Radical Christianity can be good, if it’s silent and only in your mind. When it leaks out into the world, it’s as bad as radical Islam and Judaism. It shows your violent side, the leakage.

The spillage likes company, usually with human blood. The military industrial complex is already in charge of that.

So don’t be so radical, unless you design a car for the disabled at a fair price.


Let God judge the homosexuals and lesbians.

They are a part of God too. We all are a part of God, and judging each other is a no no, according to Jesus’ commands.

It’s like cutting your body with a sickness. It only leaves scars of depression. Let God judge them, rather than you judge them.