My Religion, as simply as I can Explain…

This is my Summary of it

Microcosm of my Faith I want to share my religion with you, and you’re trapped with other religions, that have you in their clutches, first off you don’t have to go to church… the temple, is in you.
Your body is where you worship God, in thoughts and emotions… read Matthew 6:6.

“God is spirit”, and you commune with God, with the spirit in you… your energy lifeforce.

I could go on using words to give you another whole outlook, but they can be misconstrued by your understandings… that you didn’t truly understand my words, so you try and fill in the gaps…

The scriptures work that way… that’s why there are so many different religions in the world, and scriptures too

Each and every person needs a teacher, that lives in you, and you understand your own thoughts better, than any teacher can teach you, and it’s your own thoughts… so take it as a prayer with the God in you.

Sometimes you need to hear the devil’s side, and then you need to hear the angel’s side too, which is God’s counseling services, the cons and pros of the situations…in your face, and inside of you.

You get the whole picture, not the biasness of one side of the story… and sometimes you need a little light on the subject, or the details get lost in the shadows.

Darkness hides the details in the shadows, “the devil’s in the details” is a phrase that you hear often, and it brings more contrast to the picture, you can brighten it, but you lose the details in the overexposure with the brightness. You need an equalizer to sharpen the image.

Anyway, you get the gist of what I’m saying… you have to be sincere and truthful in your prayers with God, and his angels and devils, along with your decision making powers, and go by faith… cause that’s all we can do, but you don’t need a religion to commune with God, religions are only social clubs, they have buildings for their meetings there, but God is not there.

God is in you, and your heart… and it’s the fellowship that we share in those social clubs, called churches, that is beneficial to the souls, that attend, but you ignore the God that you worship, and the politics of the religions takes over.

You pray with God, inside your own temple, which is in you… that’s the path to peace, and not owning land, cause you can’t take it with you, when the soul leaves your body, when you die.

It can be overwhelming at first, and your ego can become distorted with lies, but if you’re sincere and truthful, God will protect you. God has protected me over the years of my life, but my life has a different path for me, it’s the road less traveled… but your road might be a freeway with lots of traffic, and a social butterfly’s paradise.

Different strokes for different folks, that’s what that sitcom was about, it was to impress you with some branding on you, and the point is there are many different flowers in the world, and together they make this a beautiful world… the diversity of the world, makes it interesting, and less tedious and boring.

It’s like pictures, instead of words, which can be an artform that I use. A picture is worth a 1000 words, and is pleasant to look at, and takes you on a journey into your mind’s imaginations. It’s like a vacation from text, and it says more to you than any text… or tedious writings.

All we have is faith in our understandings, and that is all… our enlightenments are our jewels, that we find along the road of life, they’re not shiny trinkets of junk, but they are sentimental jewels.
It our understandings, that’s are our jewels, that we use to adorn our crowns of royalty, because we are all kings and queens, of our own individual kingdoms… and our thoughts, are the other chess pieces of our lives.

I can be a tedious read, sometimes… cause I always have something to say, but I’m shy in public, or an arrogant fool… it’s a game of give and take with me.

Just go by faith, that is all, that I want to share with you… I have a lot more to say, but I don’t know what it is… I just have a lot of questions about it… but I shared what made me not fear death anymore, cause it’s going to happen, so get used to it.

This is a song I wrote with loops musically, and words, that I sang in real time. You can download the MP3 file with the cloud icon, and read the lyrics with the pancake icon.

It sums up the world to me, about 22 years ago, when I wrote the song… a lot has changed, since then, but I’m still a strong believer in Jesus, and his ways… it’s the way to peace, love, and truth… in otherwords, Paradise.
We forget that they talked in another language back then, and it’s third parties stories… which is gossip at its worst, and we have to do our best in understanding it… while we pick off the meat from the bones… the wisdom of their words.