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Israel is a Madman.

Creating More Ruins, And what Lies under the Ruins, Still NEEDS to be Determined. I saw this after I posted on FB this song by Mother Mother – It’s Alright, and it was a disappointment for me, and the backing of the Israelis, and their destruction of Gaza, and our complicitness in it. Now they …

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I Won’t Be Programmed.

The Casino Games In Life, War and Destruction. “… The reconstruction of Gaza, And put real money into the game…” — Matthew Miller I won’t be programmed is a reference to Siteground’s or some other hacker censoring of my words, there’s an astronomical number of variable for the causes, but I had to change the …

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Tech and AI : Dangerous Mixes

tech and AI

  Technology and Artificial Intelligence is a dangerous mix. It can be marvelous in certain situations, but scary in others. I’ve thought about this a lot, even to a maddening result. I agree with scientists letter to warnings of AI getting too smart, and thinking they have to get rid of us. I’ve already thought …

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Spinning the Press Spinsters into Oblivion


— Spinning the Press Spinsters into Oblivion — 10/05/2016 The Spinning is the editorial messes, mixing the facts with small talk, thus diluting the truth. Spinning like a twister causing destruction, or like a gentle breezes, causing you comfort. Watch those gentle breezes, they make you complacent, and not aware of what’s coming. So much …

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Hacking Gone Crazy… have a nice life!

— Hacking Gone Crazy… have a nice life! —   I‘m going through a “hacking gone crazy” major attack on my servers, as I speak(type). I hope they have a nice life, cause after my death the world will go through turmoil and pain. You might not agree with me, but my spirit is following …

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