Spinning the Press Spinsters into Oblivion

— Spinning the Press Spinsters into Oblivion —


clock-474128_640The Spinning is the editorial messes, mixing the facts with small talk, thus diluting the truth. Spinning like a twister causing destruction, or like a gentle breezes, causing you comfort. Watch those gentle breezes, they make you complacent, and not aware of what’s coming.

So much news, running wild with editorials, filling the bias barrels with distorted facts.

I guess the founding fathers are rolling in their graves, that they didn’t see that coming on the scene.


All the social media sites that have popped up over last few decades on the internet, and before the internet with the BBS, are experimenting within the society. Selling the data to the corporations, cause it’s the new gold.

Data on yourself, and your buying habits. It fills their databases, making the way for programmed ads specifically designed for you.


Fox was the first channel, I saw spin being used. I guess every news channel has some sort of spin being used. The editorials are like a big spinning wheel, and what’s distributed by the spin is some sort of biased opinion. That may be similar to your own opinion.

That’s what the spins are for. They are like the emotional nets, that they gather the fishes for capture. Once you’re caught, they manipulate you for their biases.

I may be spinning as I type, but I’m just showing you for example. I go by the catch and release principle. You get caught, and I leave you to think about it…thus the catch and release principle.


Manipulations of the Spinning

It has been what the press has been doing, since I was born. I witnessed it, with my Dad being manipulated by the stories, that he was emotionally involved with. Screaming in anger at the radio or TV’s News programs, like they would’ve heard him.

They caught me following him, with the same yelling at the TV, like they would’ve heard me. Now, that I think about it, they do with the Smart TVs. The stress caused by those yelling sessions is detrimental to the body, and our health. I need to practice the yoga principles, look inside and be at peace.

The stress is the culprit of chaos and destruction. What is taking over our nation now.

The enemy is not external, it’s internal. It could be external, but more times than not, it’s internal. The true Jihad is conquering your sins, overcoming our own imperfections within yourselves.


We have to find that inner peace, that will reveal all the truths that we ever need. The spinning of the news is only capable of spreading fear and destruction, and that’s all.

The facts get buried by the spins, and it raises our emotions, and manipulates us to feed their agendas

Thus, the philosophizing, to bring this post to a close, and be at peace.

At least, I hope to be at peace… and you at peace also.