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30,000+ dead in Gaza

It’s A Maddening Experience to get Killed at a Humanitarian Aid Supply truck. Here’s Israel’s side of the story, and this propaganda war of info twisting. The Israelis and Hamas are masters of twisting the news to fit their agendas. Deceptions wars are a waste of time, and the weapons of lies run rampant with …

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Conspiracy Talk

AI is a Hungry Monster, Like a Vicious Beast We design our world, with the words/thoughts, we use in our minds, and want to turn over that job to the AI beast, or lover… you choose the term. At first it seemed innocent and entertaining, cause it filled our needs, but then greed entered the …

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A Call To Awakening : One Guy’s View

— A Call To Awakening : One Guy’s View —   I think more or less like this (Jason Silva) guy, but I show more respect and honor to God. He says Astronauts are atheists, the more I hear from Astronauts, they hold their faith to themselves. They don’t know. They are more agnostics, if …

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Let Them In, Peter through the Gateway

let them in

— Let Them In ; Through Heaven’s Gate, they died in deceptions —   This song by John Gorka, “Let Them In” says what they deserve. It’s talking to St. Peter at the gateway to heaven. A poem by Elma Dean in 1942, “Letter to St. Peter”, was turned into the song by John Gorka. Though …

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Corporation’s Quests

corporation's quests

— Corporation’s Quests : Internet Dominance/Dictatorial —   The nations are old school, and the new players are the corporation’s quests to rule the world. Not every corporation is evil, but there are many, more than not that deal for profit, rather than what’s ethically right. This transformation is so subtle that you need a …

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Networks of a United World

— Networks of a United World —   I saw this VICE news piece while I pondered what to write today, and it was a weekly piece that I pondered, and I was trying to figure out what to call it, the weekly stories that amused me, totally positive news stories, but the news shows …

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