Networks of a United World

— Networks of a United World —


I saw this VICE news piece while I pondered what to write today, and it was a weekly piece that I pondered, and I was trying to figure out what to call it, the weekly stories that amused me, totally positive news stories, but the news shows is limited, and already do that, with a piece at the end of the news. They focus on one good story, and give them 5 minutes to end on a good note.

Then I saw this story, and it opened another can of worms, the Networks of a United World.

Maybe, you’ll understand.



The networks of the world, and the individual, everybody uses a network of some kind to entertain the mind network, that needs to communicate with the other networks in the world, whether it be govt networks, or media networks, even a personal network like a phone call.

All of us are under the power of networking, yet we don’t dive deep to understand the nature of networking, we don’t ponder like a thinker, or philosophize like a philosopher, we want to be shallow and be entertained by the networks that exist in the world today. We don’t look deeply into it, cause we are not interested.

We want to be entertained, or go to war, which is entertaining to some.

War is good for the military industrial complex, they get rich and more powerful, and they fund the making of more weapons. We need a new war, and now there is new battlefield, the cyber battlefields.

Which isn’t new, for over 50 years, maybe longer, since the beginning of time, but becomes aware to the public, they been studying the weapons of info wars, mainly deceptions under the cloak of stealth. Deception crushes the one being deceived, sometimes so bad, that they take their life through suicide, or have someone they lied to assassinate them.

Deceptions replace the throne of truth, and will fight to the death to sit on that throne. Once a lie sits on that throne of truth, it’s like separating two blocks of wood glued together, without a solvent there would not be a clean break. The wood pieces would be uneven and destroyed, with the solvency they would be a clean break, but needs a clean up.


I just heard that the jury sentenced Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death Friday for the Boston Marathon bombing, which is following the terrorist’s trail, while they’re decapitating, we are choosing a more humane way to kill. We could keep him in prison, but that would not be sure, it would cost more to kill him. Life without parole is worse than death, it’s torture for the guilty and they have the option of repentant change.

“If you really want to kill someone, give them life without parole. It’s worse than dying.”
Gordon “Randy” Steidl


The networks of justice is about as hypocritical, as the govts that run them. The terror network is a not a terror to the terrorists, but he is a patriot in his own mind. The judgments depends on the perspective of the individuals, whether Russian, British, or American, they all have a different perspective, and they all are judging each other.

I hoped I brought to mind another can of worms, where one thought leads to another, and so on and on.

Networks of a United World, is what I came up with as the title, this will be a weekly or a monthly piece, I haven’t decided, or maybe I’ll make a page and list the networks and explore them, rather than make it a weekly, monthly, or until I can’t think of what to list.

I need to network with others, to have what is called sanity by the world’s standards.

This will be the first piece about the networks that make up this world, the thought of the networks needs to be in your minds, if you’re to survive the floods of info that follow.

Lies are like trash/logs/cars/debris in the currents of the floods, they tempt you to grab at them, but they’re not a piers of truth, and can bring you down below the surface of the water/life and drown you.