A Call To Awakening : One Guy’s View

— A Call To Awakening : One Guy’s View —


I think more or less like this (Jason Silva) guy, but I show more respect and honor to God. He says Astronauts are atheists, the more I hear from Astronauts, they hold their faith to themselves. They don’t know. They are more agnostics, if anything.



We need to awaken and do God’s work, not looking for a profit…do business, collect money, when money is offered.

Don’t hold back help, for profit or ego’s recognition. Pride is the weakness of egos.

Profits are like the old false prophets of the Bible… full of lies and deceptions. The scriptures are full of lies and abuses, also they are full of instructions and blessings too. Religions are what killed Jesus. Have we forgotten?

There is major corruption in the modern day profits too, talk to Bernie Madoff about that.


We face deceptions all the time throughout our lives. We lose and gain throughout our lives too.

Truth is the major loser. The lies battles the truths, and wins by deceptions, but truth never dies. It’s as eternal as the Sun itself, yet even the Suns die. So that’s not a good comparison. The better comparison, is with infinity, cause whatever the number is reached, there is always more. It goes on and on into eternity.

So when you are getting depressed, think of hell, and realize that you have the power to change that outcome. The road to eternity is long, and though your flesh dies, the soul lives forever. Hell or heaven, it’s your choice.

Hell is filled with the fires of regret. What you didn’t do. Heaven is filled with love and sharing, and the joyful memories of what you did do. The choice is yours.

Do you make this world a better place, or are you a sower of discord? You decide!

I’m just a crip. I like to think I’m making the world a better place, but I don’t know. I’m just an ignorant crip planting seeds to think about, rather than the programming seeds of the commercial corporate world.

Crops of profits, or weeds of individuality. When we find out, what we thought were weeds, will be our future crops.

Are you ready?