Let Them In, Peter through the Gateway

— Let Them In ; Through Heaven’s Gate, they died in deceptions —


This song by John Gorka, “Let Them In” says what they deserve. It’s talking to St. Peter at the gateway to heaven. A poem by Elma Dean in 1942, “Letter to St. Peter”, was turned into the song by John Gorka.

Though it’s prideful blind patriotism, that honors them, they deserve the truth in the end to enlighten them.

I first heard of John Gorka by a friend in Alaska, and went to see him in Sitka for a concert also.



The military industrial complex is feeding the lies, that freedom is paved with bricks of blood.

Thus feeding the lies, that freedom isn’t free. The lies restrict the freedoms, like chains in a prison cell. The truth is burning down those prisons, and setting everyone free.

Truth is the liberator. Freedom isn’t free with the bars made of lies, separating you from the freedoms that you seek. Truth is that freedom. It enlightens you from all the deceptions that restrict you.

Like cutting the chains that weigh you down. Lies, are those chains.

Distortions of the truth are worse than lies. It’s mixed with half truths, that leads you to deceive yourselves.


The workings of Propaganda

The lies that are passed off on society through propaganda, is a traitorous act.

It blinds society with distortions, to feed the devils. Those devils are like vicious dogs clamoring to be heard. Those growling and barking dogs, should be silent. All they’re doing is bringing attention to themselves, and their begging for food.

The day of judgment is coming, no matter what your faith is. It might be a vicious God, or a humble God.

I like the humble God.

It might even be yourself that judges yourself,  in place of God. The day of judgment is coming, and it is inevitable. You can’t stop it.

The end is coming, not to sound like a madman screaming the doom is coming, but it’s inevitable. We all die in the flesh. Though they’re looking for eternal life, as I speak.

If they don’t find it, before I die… I hope Armageddon happens, and it’s in the hands of the meek and humble, before they discover it.

The greedy likes the bleedy, but the humble likes to share the good fortunes. So, I would like there to be a change of hands of power, before I die.

Well, that’s all of my propaganda for now.