30,000+ dead in Gaza

It’s A Maddening Experience to get Killed

at a Humanitarian Aid Supply truck.

Here’s Israel’s side of the story, and this propaganda war of info twisting. The Israelis and Hamas are masters of twisting the news to fit their agendas. Deceptions wars are a waste of time, and the weapons of lies run rampant with power.

GOOGLE/Alphabet is censoring me… or CNN, but they still want to target US… So go there if you want to be targeted. It’s a targeted database, to fill their databases for AI, in the general sense… Not the true sense… without errors.

The Palestinians are hungry from the food shortage, that the IDF is imposing on them and let food trucks in, and shoot them. One driver of the food trucks was shot, and a host of other, that weren’t supposedly killed.

He tries to blame the crowd’s madness for the killings, like a sports crowd madness… if over 100 people were killed, I see no walls that will restrict the crowd, and crush them with the weight of crowd’s numbers.

Here is the US response of the massacre in genocidal Israeli actions, though they could be Hamas rogue snipers too… I wouldn’t be surprised if Israel accused Hamas snipers, as an accusation… though it could be true, that Hamas snipers were used.

BBC reports 21,000 were women and minors, not adolescent children, some were teens.
And the AID was delivered at 4am in the morning so it was dark, or dimly lit so, they couldn’t see clearly, and then panic happened, which distorts everyone’s mind, so that we are left at the propagandist’s mercy, and we all know the propagandists, have no mercy.

IDK anymore.Here is AP video of today’s aid trucks killings…

All this killing has been going on, with senseless wars, since I was born, and before I was born into the world. We want peace and prosperity for our lives, but that is stolen from our lives, with each new war by the powerful.

I came across this video, in my travels through the youtube video halls, and it’s not pertaining to wars and killing, legalized murders… but it sings about God and whispers, cause God is alive in whispers, and whispers are thoughts in your minds… if you hear evil whispers, then you have evil thoughts multiplying and propagating, so that evilness takes over your mind.

But there is a good side to God too, and it’s the side I favor… I got a crush on God’s good side… not as a child’s crush, without reasoning and logic, but including them, and I curse the darkside of God, like you’re mad at your spouse, or some other one you love, and say something stupid in your anger, and eventually destroy the trust between them.

Love is just as mysterious, as God, and the Universe itself. I don’t know what love is, I haven’t finished my classes on love. My death will be me, entering my grading cycle, to the next session of the school of life.
I’m still learning about life, and I continually sin/errors/mistakes, and I need to assess everything to see a way around it, to correct it, like Dr Strange and choose the right choice.