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Roland TR-8S: The Drum Machine from Hell

    Roland TR-8S is a drum machine that needs a better book/manual to explain what it does. I’ve spent a week trying to understand it, but things go wrong, and I’m lost with how to fix it, cause the book just doesn’t show it. There seems to be a Flam, or some Dub step …

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It’s A Cage

2Rains – It’s A Cage This song is lyrically depressing, but lyrically freeing in the end. It’s about the life filled with laws and regulations, being a cage, and that we stare out at the world outside, of that cage feeling imprisoned, which is the depressing part. We need freedom to open that cage at …

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Windows 10 is like signing into MS…the disease

windows 10

— Windows 10 is like signing into MS…the disease —   I lost control of my computer the day I upgraded to Windows 10. I went past the date of change to go back to Windows 7,and It was deleted from my computer. I’ve been fighting with MS, for it seems like since the beginning …

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Cyborgs will be Hackable

— Cyborgs will be Hackable —   The thought of with the many medical devices and implants that are available nowadays, I’m wondering if we are making ourselves cyborgs. The collective mind from Star Trek the New Generation, are we becoming like the Borg? “Resistance is futile”     Nanoprobes are microscopic machines that inhabit …

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Soundcloud : a dedicated VOLUME control?

volume control

— Soundcloud needs a dedicated VOLUME control —   Volume control is a forgotten need on the players nowadays. I like the Soundcloud, since they came out, but they seem to have forgot a volume control on their player.     I complained to them a few years ago, but I got a response trying …

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Anger Management

— Anger Management — The days go by with a slight discomfort when you’re fighting your anger, wrestling with yourself, and you have no one to blame, except God. You don’t even have God to blame, but at the time you’re mad, it seems that is all there is to blame. You go swearing at …

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