Anger Management

— Anger Management —

lightning-552038_640The days go by with a slight discomfort when you’re fighting your anger, wrestling with yourself, and you have no one to blame, except God. You don’t even have God to blame, but at the time you’re mad, it seems that is all there is to blame.

You go swearing at the heavens, and you blame the devils in this world, but you are the devils, that you blame. Which is again blaming God, indirectly, this time. Since God created the devil to test and test.

Devil rules this world, and we wrestle with the tests of this world, and look to overcome the temptations.

The tests and the frustrations that accompany them.

Everyday we meet the tests, and fall short which makes you feel oppressed which further sets you in anger, and the overcoming looks long on the horizon.

The Devils are thoughts that we have in our anger, and nothing more.

Not to give power to the devil, as a separate creature, the insides of the hearts and minds are the battlefield. We fight inside everyday with the devils and demons, we are victorious and we are defeated. When we are victorious, we need a soberness of mind, and the danger is the ego that we feed, hopefully not to extremes, where we lie to ourselves.

We are deceived by ourselves, which makes us feel angry all over again.

You need a quiet time to connect with the Spirit, even when you’re in the middle of tests, cause anger is a noise. You need to weed the anger out of your mind, and need the tranquility of peaceful thoughts, not the noise of anger in your thoughts.

Just pray, however you pray, seek the Spirit of God. God takes the anger away, or multiplies it, it depends on the pride that you carry.