Soundcloud : a dedicated VOLUME control?

— Soundcloud needs a dedicated VOLUME control —


Volume control is a forgotten need on the players nowadays. I like the Soundcloud, since they came out, but they seem to have forgot a volume control on their player.



I complained to them a few years ago, but I got a response trying to play me, like some social engineer. I got pissed at them trying to play me, and forgot about it. It’s a couple of years later, and it still hasn’t been addressed.

Volume Control

“Thanks for posting and for providing feedback. Our embedded player currently doesn’t have volume control indeed – sorry if this is currently causing you troubles…”

Mathis, Official Rep


And also WordPress is screwing things up with their updates, I get used to doing things and WordPress makes it obsolete, and I have to do something else another step. You should make something in settings to choose the default links, to open up in another window, and not take away the “open link in a new tab” in the links settings.

I go off on a tangent in my whining… I digress.


Let’s get back to the original subject they haven’t had a volume control, since it made its presence known, at least in the US. It’s a simple script, just put it in the embedded players script… it’s on your page player’s script at the bottom. Why not copy the script to embedded player?

I’m not a coder to know the script, it depends of the many languages Javascript, VBScript, PHP, Java, etc. that deal with scripts.

From what I understand of scripting language, at the most it’s a about several of lines of scripts, and where the placement of it in the player is a couple of lines too.


I thought I’d start sharing music from Soundcloud, instead of youtube this week, but the absence of a volume control seems like an insult to the public, and makes me mad and stressful.

It’s not that hard… a few lines of code.

I made a playlist from Soundcloud of all the songs from other bands that I liked. Soundcloud should make a different way of sorting, like youtube. They have randomize feature though, but that doesn’t cover what I want to see, like recently added to the top of the list.



I joined once, because I was under the impression that paying would’ve given me volume control.

Just write the code Soundcloud!