Windows 10 is like signing into MS…the disease

— Windows 10 is like signing into MS…the disease —


computer-914546_640I lost control of my computer the day I upgraded to Windows 10. I went past the date of change to go back to Windows 7,and It was deleted from my computer.

I’ve been fighting with MS, for it seems like since the beginning of it’s inception to the computer make up with MS-DOS.

Unless you have a 3rd party backup of your Windows 7, you’re screwed.


Why is it explorer.exe is now in my System Internals. I think it’s MS, but it could be hackers. I know the msnbot is MS, but there are times the explorer.exe has 4-8 users. They’re not the msnbots, either.

How do I cut off the explorer.exe from ever being loaded into System Internals?


I guess I can go back to an old back up, but I made a back up with MS Back UP.  Which isn’t a 3rd party back up, so I guess I’m screwed.

I could go back to an older back up with a 3rd party I made, but that was over a year ago.

I want my Windows 7 back, cause it was under my control. At least, I believed it was under my control. With the many security softwares out there today, you can only blindly trust that they’re doing what they’re saying they’re doing.

I want to return to Windows 7. It’s just that MS, is like Multiple Sclerosis in control of your computer, rather than you.

MS needs a cure, but I’m not insensitive to the disease… I know firsthand being in a wheelchair.

The imperfections of life need to be profitable, not mandatory… and Windows 10 is a mandatory upgrade. Only one problem with it, it’s imperfect… and the profit goes one way…into MS pockets.