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Boggles, Boggles, & More Boggles

The definition of Boggle “To do anything awkwardly, or unskillfully.” Is one definition at Wordnik, but there are many more definitions. I woke this morning, and felt boggled in my mind, like I was swimming in a cesspool, and not a relaxing pool with fresh water. It was then, I went to my email, and …

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Neuralink ???

Neuralink Is Something That Promises Everything, And Gives Nothing, But Telepathy To Monkeys   Telepathically playing video games with other monkeys… so we all are dumb and stupid… we are all monkey’s at first, if you’re a believer in evolution. Neuralink is a corporation that was founded by Elon Musk, to be a better defense …

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Starlink is NOT worth it

Musk is the Dusk of Mankind’s Dark Future Night Starlink is a total takeover of mankind’s freedom… I’m sorry if that seems so quick to judge, but the customer service is non existent, and the forums are praising Musk, like he’s infallible… sorry I disagree… he’s as fallible as the rest of us are. I …

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REAPER DAW : What I was looking for


— REAPER DAW : What I was looking for —   I was looking for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that was similar to Vegas. Well, I did. Someone mentioned it to me a couple of years ago, but I blew it off as another crap attempt. It still lacks the video robustness, it seems …

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