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Amazon’s Embezzlement Practices

Amazon’s Kindle is the First Step into Embezzlement Land When you have to pay higher prices for Kindle’s Lockscreen without Ads, it’s Amazon wanting their fees for buying their devices… you pay but you don’t own it… you have to pay for Amazon’s delusional views, to not show ads. You have a $20 increase in …

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Amazon Prime Commercials = Boycott Amazon

amazon prime

— Amazon Prime Commercials = Boycott of buying from Amazon — UPDATE – I left Amazon with a note telling them I was displeased with their commercials, and I received this response apologizing patronizingly for me being bothered. Hello Richard, Thank you for contacting Amazon Digital Support. I understand your concern regarding commercials with Amazon …

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Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick + Netflix

— Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick + Netflix app —   I keep coming up with these errors on the Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick for the Netflix app, the ui-113 and the nw-2-5. Which is written by Amazon, according to the Netflix rep that I talked to. The Amazon reps seem all polite and …

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The Future of TV

future of tv

— The Future of TV : Youtube, Internet TV, ETC. — Sling TV Update: After spending a night on Sling and going through the on demand videos, I have a problem with it not remembering where you left off , with a resume play button. That’s the only thing missing. I’m sure there are more …

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IP Madness

— IP Madness —   The amount of IPs is astronomical for one man to maintain in his mind, that IP 4 version, but the madness of the IP 6 version is astronomically more complicated, for the human mind to comprehend. I know it’s the amount of addresses that it addressees, but I fear there …

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Reflections on the Day

— Reflections on the Day —   I just joined another social networking site, Minds.com… hopefully I will succeed in understanding the whole social networking phenomena, or it will be another one I quit. It’s all encrypted, but you have to turn it on, and in the future they plan to offer domain hosting. They …

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