Amazon’s Embezzlement Practices

Amazon’s Kindle is the
First Step into
Embezzlement Land

When you have to pay higher prices for Kindle’s Lockscreen without Ads, it’s Amazon wanting their fees for buying their devices… you pay but you don’t own it… you have to pay for Amazon’s delusional views, to not show ads.

You have a $20 increase in the payment for a Kindle that is free from advertisements… so invasive that practice, the forced programming of the advertising industry on humanity, unless there is a fee… it’s like protection fees in the 1920’s for businesses from the Mafia… embezzlement gone wild.

I did commercials when I was a little kid, so you can feel my pain for all those wasted interviews where I didn’t get the job… but was amazed at all the forced commercials that people don’t want to see… or would not wanting forced coding/programming on the human mind.

You know I’m at war with the advertising industry… it’s a bunch of spoiled brats forcing their ways, and paying the fees on the public, and programming them to buy their products.

The advertising industry needs to change, it’s the new millennium not 50 years ago, when commercials ruled with lies… they have to advertise with accountability of using fair and truthful practices.

This the first battle with Amazon, and the next battle is with Youtube’s Premium service the Family Plan with NO BLOCK buttons for ADs in the videos… and I WANT ONE… so that my feeds are want I want, and not littered with what I don’t want.

I’m paying $23($22.99)… what’s up with that, I know they press that for tax purposes, it’s the lie they believe, and use for excuses.

This is a war on advertisements, and recommend them to the fair trade practices, and not forcing their marketing/programming strategies on the human public.

Free us from this embezzlement world/land, and tell the truth about your products or services… we aren’t slaves, we are free humans… and should be treated like it.

There’s many more services I’m at war with dealing with forced advertisements, but I’ll leave it for the future of humanity to work it out, I’m only covering the products and services I use for now.