Reflections on the Day

— Reflections on the Day —


social-media-580301_640I just joined another social networking site,… hopefully I will succeed in understanding the whole social networking phenomena, or it will be another one I quit.

It’s all encrypted, but you have to turn it on, and in the future they plan to offer domain hosting.

They use Amazon servers, I don’t know about that stuff, it’s confusing to the common man, but not to the techies. I’ve said things that I found out later was wrong, so I won’t make that same mistake.

The whole social networking phenomenon is new to me, I’ve gotten involved with them when I joined FB in the Spring of 2011… a little late joining the wave of intelligence gathering.

It has WordPress blog, I’m thinking of giving up dealing with egocentric narcissists that plague the internet everyone is voicing about their privacy, but they live in fear the moment they wear a mask, and continue to live in fear everyday, they hide their face behind the mask of anonymous.

The corporations own the internet already, they bought up the key components in the early 90’s and bonded with the green govt officials to make the laws that favor their business practices. They are in charge of the NSA’s data collections too. The NSA doesn’t know they’re being spied on too…by Aliens… the space kind.

Why does everyone live in fear? Wearing masks? Hiding their power behind the money facade?

I see the world as an entity with a blood system, that can be destroyed or freed. With political systems like the organ systems in the human body, each has its part of a healthy running body… when we realize that we are all one.

The religious example that we should love each other, as we love ourselves, that only brought in the narcissistic example, then we tried the warring example that only brought in the corrupting factor, it never brought peace, and now we are trying the corporate example where we’re all working for the corporations, and they’re just dictating our freedoms away down a blackhole… and claiming ownership of the Internet.

The people’s taxes own the internet, that was used to form the internet as we know it today.

The TPP… and all the other acronyms that goes by unnoticed by the public, are the soldiers climbing out of the trojan horse that was left on net neutrality lawn, it was received as a victory, but the invasions go on subtler than subtlety, changing laws that are masked with the doubletalk of lawyers, so that there is no way anyone could understand them, and they can go on taking power from our ignorance.

As long as the corporations supply the new toys and produce the new wonders, they will hide in anonymity ruling through their agents of global change… namely the many corporations that are trying to own the world.

We agree fascism is not a good example of govt, then why do we make deals with govt, and corporations lobbying for power over the laws, while the people are subject to the laws. It’s fascism when corporations are not subject to the rule of law, they’re not people, if they’re people, then why aren’t they subject to the laws of murder, cause they murdered a lot of people… but got away with paying a fine for their murders.

No jail time!