Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick + Netflix

— Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick + Netflix app —


I keep coming up with these errors on the Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick for the Netflix app, the ui-113 and the nw-2-5. Which is written by Amazon, according to the Netflix rep that I talked to.

The Amazon reps seem all polite and all. It would be unfair of me to voice my displeasure at them. The system of support I would not be unfair to mock the levels of support.

You deal with the consumer level of support. Where they have you go through their scripts, that they read, and I assume check off. You tell them I already did that, but they say do this again, so you feel helpless and do it. Though you know already what is going to happen, and you see the nw-2-5 or the ui-113.

I went through this in the beginning when it was delivered June 20th, 2016. I went through this in the beginning when I tried to run the Netflix app. It came up with the ui-113 error code over an over again.

So I called Netflix to see if I can resolve this, and they went through everything they can do. They said it was a bad FireTV stick, but when I tried to return it, Amazon said it was solvable without returning it. Then after a couple of weeks the app for Netflix was working. I’m guessing the update for the Netflix app on July 16th, I tried again, and I was allowed to sign into Netflix.

Then came the nightmare I’m in right now, it stopped working.



I found the Netflix app that worked for me. Latest Developer Update: July 16, 2016, but the update for 8/3/2016 is the reason why I’m writing this. It doesn’t work.

If we could go back to a time it worked, then it would be OK. There are so many variables to keep track of. The transparency is clouded by corporate interests, hacking, security measures, and hardware profiles that need clear communications. It’s a nightmare of problems.

I needed to voice my concerns, to rant to someone mainly the world before I go to bed, so I can sleep in peace.