IP Madness

— IP Madness —


The amount of IPs is astronomical for one man to maintain in his mind, that IP 4 version, but the madness of the IP 6 version is astronomically more complicated, for the human mind to comprehend.

I know it’s the amount of addresses that it addressees, but I fear there is a lot hidden addressing backdoors, it may be my paranoia gone wild, but I guess we’ll find out in the future.

When I learned the routing of audio, when you have a noise in the line, you check the route from the source, such as the gain’s too high, or too low, and every volume level through the rest of the chain through the board’s levels.

Well the IP addressing is the routing source, so I know there is weakness there, is the gain too high or too low?


It may be a bug in the internet this weekend, but I’ve run into a nightmare of updating things. I chose to unblock certain IPs, and I can’t connect to previous sites.

It’s always with yahoo at the core…well yahoo was a saying of celebration, and now it’s taken a dark tone, instead of a bright tone.

It’s like sea of darkness on the internet this weekend… I chose to block all AmazonAWS servers, and all the other services use the AWS servers… Or use them as a routing service.

IDK… I’m sick of trying to make sense of this mess… and that’s not talking about IP blocks and subnetting… which is majorly confusing.


I can’t connect to my bank sites… yet before this weekend I could.

Amazon is in my blacklist this month… they have been since they started introducing commercials on their Prime channel, about 6 months ago…or maybe it was a year ago. My mind has no sense of time.

It just remembers events or actions, where they end up on the timeline, is oblivious to me.

It’s been all of my life, where I feel like I’m going out of my mind from the paranoidal thoughts that fill my brain everyday. Choosing to block servers based on the traffic hogs with the invasive algorithms taking data, more than they give data.

I began to understand the increase in data sizes came from the encryption services, where it had to be encrypted, it increased the file size for security purposes. Where the RAM sizes went from MB to GB overnight… without any explanation.

The data was the same, but the encryption was the culprit.

Anyway, this is a problem I hope will pass… there is so much corruption in this world, I’m getting tired of fighting the corruptions without the help… besides my own mind.


I finally allowed Amazon AWS servers to resume, but it took time away from my computer, and when I came back it all worked. So it must’ve been a bug, or everybody is as paranoid as me.

And my htaccess file was compromised by the all-in-one-wp-security-and-firewall , and it locked me out of the WP admin dashboard, and kept sending me to, which is local, I don’t know, but it was denying me access to the dashboard of wordpress.

Don’t download it…it’s full of info and educates, but it has a lot of bugs, even deleted it and the all-in-one-wp-security-and-firewall/logs/wp-security-log-cron-job.txt still comes up in the wordfence scans, but it’s not there.

I’m a blogwriter not a techy, but I have a brain and it can be stressed out.

This day has been a stressed out day…

Oh I checked, and I can connect to my banking site… so it’s back to normal now, which raises the question “What is normal?”.