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Ethical AI

Ethical Questions Need Answers, That you know is right, And avoid the wrong answers With the rise of Chat GPT, as an introduction to general AI to the consumer mindset, we heard of it before, but never thought of it as taking over the societal forces… every form of communications, mechanisms, industrials, etc. … if …

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Puberty Kicked My Ass… and still did over the years

My Battles With Puberty   Puberty was confusing, to say the least. I remember my first sex act, and my first orgasm with someone else… it made me feel ashamed. I guess she was feeling in love… but it seemed excruciatingly wrong to me. Orgasms have a way of making you feel…your whole body tightens …

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War Deniability

— War Deniability —   Wartime deniability is running rampant throughout the world, with collateral damages everywhere, and deniability is running alongside the collateral damages, claiming they didn’t do it. They’re “bombs did it”, and the people shouldn’t live next to their targets. It’s like the NRA saying their guns don’t kill people, it’s the …

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