Ethical AI

Ethical Questions Need Answers,
That you know is right,
And avoid the wrong answers

With the rise of Chat GPT, as an introduction to general AI to the consumer mindset, we heard of it before, but never thought of it as taking over the societal forces… every form of communications, mechanisms, industrials, etc. … if you can think of it, they want control of it.

So coding ethics in the AI is needed, or you have garden with weeds, so that know one knows what will grow from AI, and we have that problem with AI before.

Microsoft, Meta, Google, OpenAI, Etc. … the wars begin, and this is the new battlefields of your mind, where we destroy our thinking capabilities.

Making us robots, and AI will be the new Artificial God, that we look at for guidance and doesn’t have ethical feelings, like us to make decisions for our individual betterment. Much like Big Brother, from George Orwell’s “1984” (in chapters from a playlist), it was designed by AI, and got loose like a virus, and started running wild, and started taking over systems on their own… writing its own code.

Jay Iorio is talking at the end of this video, where the question arises what are using this for?

The subject of AI is another nightmare to get through, and eventually we’ll get through it, unscathed preferably… but it’s another hope to have an ethical AI, rather than a corrupt AI that will turn into a tyrannical dictator, instead of a good merciful God, but God is spiritual in form… God, is not an AI formed corruptible digital language.

It’s only our sculpturing of false idols, that we want to sell… life is an attempt at harvesting the good and the bad/evil into piles, to be served at the table to eat, or to be either trashed into the garbage bin.

Life is more complex, than you can understand, even your imaginations doesn’t solve the problem, that you can fathom/understand.

Your imaginations are our connection to our spiritual hearts, and it’s being attacked in these modern times… by the darkside, but you need the darkside to get the whole image of Humanity, and not just get the brightside, it’s out of balance then.  

We need a well balanced alignment for the steering of our vehicles/bodies, and when the sun is in our faces, and we need a sun shade to pull down, so the glare doesn’t blind us, and at night we need bright headlights that light up the road, so we know where we are going.

The intricacies of life is like writing code for AI, there will be errors/sins/mistakes, it’s how you deal with them, that will be your legend.