War Deniability

— War Deniability —


Wartime deniability is running rampant throughout the world, with collateral damages everywhere, and deniability is running alongside the collateral damages, claiming they didn’t do it.

They’re “bombs did it”, and the people shouldn’t live next to their targets.

It’s like the NRA saying their guns don’t kill people, it’s the owners, that’s the killers. If we didn’t have guns to protect ourselves from the govt tyrannies, then the govt would stop being tyrannical. That’s enough confusing shit.

It’s all BS.

Words don’t make it true, it’s the actions that will determine the future of the world. All the defensive actions take on an aggressive tone with military actions, “let’s bomb them”, and they’ll go away, and invade other countries.

We need to change the minds of their sick ideologies, and that will change all the senseless killing. We don’t recruit murderers, or the rest of the world will be murderers, “until there is no one else to kill”.



The U.S., and then the Russians are making a mess, of what was always a mess. Syria’s Assad was the first to make this mess, and all the other countries giving their two cents, and even more and are multiplying the mess into a havoc of crises.

With the rebel forces that multiply everyday with different agendas, they look to unseat Assad from power, though I agree with the population of Syria, it’s very dictatorial. He denied giving up power, once power is in your control, it’s corruptible, to those in power.

It raises a defensive power, and that’s the deniability power, they deny themselves the truth. The people chose not to have him lead, they wanted a democracy, one that’s not bought by power.

Democracy is a wounded bird, when it’s bought up by corporations or powerful religious entities, and tying up the wings in chains, so that the bird can’t fly free.

I’ll spare you the metaphors that are going through my mind right now. They’re just spinning me around, I’m flabbergasted with the madness of wars.


When is it that you will see that wars don’t bring peace, they only spark more revenges, they don’t put the fire out, they just spread the fires. Matches start the fires, and rain puts them out… at least forest fires.

The nations are the forests that are burning up, and war is the fires… rain is diplomacy, bombing is the firewalls, and those firewalls, deliberately set, have a tendency to get out of control. To deny it, is deniability abused, when there should be repentant accountability.

Or better yet, turn the guns on yourselves, and feel free to pull the triggers… the world will be better off.

I’m a peace lover, not a war lover, and the war loving powers that be, want more wars… claiming that it will bring peace. It only creates winners and losers, which means one side walks on the other side, in peace, there is no oppression.

Harmony in the world is a long way away.

The following are the U.S. and Russia’s rebuffs through the media… they both refuse to admit their wrongs, true terrorism. They blame the terrorists, who follow their way… everyone want’s power.