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REAPER DAW : What I was looking for


— REAPER DAW : What I was looking for —   I was looking for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that was similar to Vegas. Well, I did. Someone mentioned it to me a couple of years ago, but I blew it off as another crap attempt. It still lacks the video robustness, it seems …

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Info Intake Overload : Complacent Madness

— Info Intake Overload : Complacent Madness —   supplied by the massive info intake upon the mind from the Internet, we’re left confused, or enlightened. It raises a complacent madness, which is an unconscious form of denial. It makes us feel superior to our ancestors. A form of pride that will be our downfall, …

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All Artists make Contracts with UNRESTRICTED Sharing

— Attention: All Artists —   All artist’s, preferably Music artists, this is directed at you, cause you lock up your songs by companies that lock up your songs, as their property. You need to free up your songs, so they can be played off of youtube. I’m tired of VEVO and all the other …

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Sony phony hack

— Sony phony hack —    We didn’t learn anything from the Iraq debacle, now we want to blame North Korea, on shaky, if not false evidence. This was posted 3 days after the hack which occurred 11/21/2014 or 21/11/2014 depending on where in the world you are. “Based on the date time stamps of …

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