All Artists make Contracts with UNRESTRICTED Sharing

— Attention: All Artists —


All artist’s, preferably Music artists, this is directed at you, cause you lock up your songs by companies that lock up your songs, as their property.

You need to free up your songs, so they can be played off of youtube. I’m tired of VEVO and all the other parasitic music companies(The main 3 are Sony, WMG, and UMG) there are a host of smaller subsidiaries of labels, that are controlled by those 3.

You need to sign a contract that frees up your music from the control of the big three. You’ll see a rise in sales, but if you want to align yourselves to the big three, then over the years you’ll see a big fall in sales. Everyone is getting wise to the monopoly they set up.


I wanted to post this as an attack on the big three and VEVO, cause you could say, I have no talent and am bitter, and that’s the only reason, but I beg to disagree.

I’ve seen it for almost 40 years, the manipulations of the big wigs that have no talent, buying up the talents, that exist in this world.

Once they buy you up, they control you into oblivion, like cattle for the slaughter. I’m sure most of the old timers can tell you stories about the big music groups/labels, their controlling nature and their dictatorial processes.


“We musicians aren’t responsible for the insane copyright extensions in the last 50 or so years, either. Now, significantly, the industry is in actual partnership with the streaming services, so we don’t hear them complaining at all.”

David Byrne


Artists should be in Control of their Own Songs

You wrote the songs, and they set you up for the memories, that your songs bring to people, but they want to control it for profit’s sake.

Make them amend your contracts that limit’s their profits, so it can be shared freely… without restrictions where it’s played.

So many of VEVO and the big three song’s owners. I want to share on my site, and they lock it up. Refuse to share it, unless I go to youtube to watch it. Which has VEVO on it, and controls the data associated with that song, mainly marketing data.

They have lost me as a customer, and I have setup a folder on youtube called the Banned 2000+, and Vevo and anything that does not play on my site, goes into that folder. There is only 8 songs at this time, but I see it growing. I think I created it last week or the week before.

I’m not FB, they chose to Spotify it and competes for the profits. I would like to address it to you. The artist, and free it up from the corporation’s control, cause it’s your songs. They only candy coat it, with sweetness.

The memories that your song creates in the minds of the public who hears it. That’s the core of their nutrition values. The memories that are raised is what’s left in the individual after the candy coating wears off. When the music dies… the memories goes on forever.

Free up your music before you sign. Don’t listen to the hissing snakes trying to justify locking up the songs for their profits at your expenses. It’s their profits they’re concerned about.


Forever StillI don’t think this song was created for this theme, but they purposely said you can download it for free. There’s a fire awoken in me too.

Artists Unite!