Sony phony hack

— Sony phony hack —


 We didn’t learn anything from the Iraq debacle, now we want to blame North Korea, on shaky, if not false evidence.

This was posted 3 days after the hack which occurred 11/21/2014 or 21/11/2014 depending on where in the world you are.

“Based on the date time stamps of the released data the transfer speed is roughly in the range of 480Mbit/s which equates to USB 2.0.”

This is from


With what I learned these last few days with a proxy IPs, this evidence of the IPs coming from Pyongyang, is a speculation, mostly speculatory at best, and a complete falsehood at worst.

“The Interview” was released on schedule today through youtube and the news was released yesterday on the shakiness of the stealing of data. It was and inside job suspecting a women named Lena as the suspect.

This article by the 21st Century Wire describes the release.



I just found out about it today… it seems there is more going on here than the public knows. They know that the govt is supplying the data, with speculations galore, and no facts.

We didn’t learn from letting our nationalism/patriotism getting us into a war with Iraq based on lies, now the entertainment industry is playing that card for nefarious reasons. Not everyone in SONY is a nefarious person, it’s one percent, or even a smaller number of people with an agenda so misguided.
They knew “The Interview” was a bomb that was going to be a dud.


There is the Daily Mail article giving their version of the story today.


To back up the Daily Mail article, this article by The Daily Beast is confirming every fact in the article by the Daily Mail.

After retching up the anger of the public, Sony goes back on its word to the censorship and releases “the interview” at its debut date. All the Americans going to the debuts, are doing it from lies formed from speculations.

I remember that going on a few short years ago in 2003 where we invaded Iraq and terrorized based on incomplete lies, cause not one was verified.

This act of this hack is a ploy for more govt control over the laws of development of the web, they spin and spin so you’re spinning like a top, till you need more spin not to topple over.

I’m at my wits end… who do you trust or not trust…it seems everyone is corrupt or corruptible. Anyone justifying lying is corruptible, by my assessment.

Basing conclusions on IPs as evidence, then you’re more stupid than they thought, they could be masked by a proxy service or services. I thought  I understood proxy services, but I didn’t, there is more lies that spin you around till your dizzy trying to understand. Finally when you come to stand stable and sure footed, you look at the data, and you’re left with assumptions and speculations.

Proxy services is in business for anonymity, that is their mission, and if you have multiple proxy services, where proxies use proxies, it’s worse than driving in London without an A-Z map.

Well, I’ll still believe it’s a scam or an inside job through a USB port, but there is an underlying agenda, I felt like this during the Iraq invasion.