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Amazon Rainforests vs Phytoplankton

— Amazon Rainforests vs Phytoplankton —   I‘m getting tired of the Amazon rainforests getting all the oxygen producing glory, when in reality the phytoplankton produces anywhere from 50% – 85% of the world’s oxygen. It depends on the pessimism or optimism of the studies. The percentages of oxygen producing are varying, and they can’t …

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— Religions : Their Extremities —     Religions are mankind born, depicting their own understandings of a deity that claims it decides their own fate, and they impose their narrowminded views of that deity that is born out of their conjectures and assumptions. Thus I’m not talking of any one religion over another, I’m …

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Geodesic Farms for Fish

— Geodesic Farms for Fish —   Fish farming has become big business according to Motherboard, I went to school in Alaska that had courses in fish farming, but I stuck to the liberal arts…philosophy and religion.   The college Sheldon Jackson College closed, and is now Sitka Fine Arts Camp. They had a fisheries …

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