Amazon Rainforests vs Phytoplankton

— Amazon Rainforests vs Phytoplankton —


I‘m getting tired of the Amazon rainforests getting all the oxygen producing glory, when in reality the phytoplankton produces anywhere from 50% – 85% of the world’s oxygen. It depends on the pessimism or optimism of the studies.

The percentages of oxygen producing are varying, and they can’t agree, but it’s well over half in favor phytoplankton.

Phytoplankton is a part of the plankton, as is:


“Plankton are a multitude of living organisms adrift in the currents.
Our food, our fuel, and the air we breathe originate in plankton.”


So all the “save the Amazon rainforests” propaganda are a waste of time, but what about save the oceans?

It’s much more like “save the planet”, that should be our focal point.

I just found out about this within the last four years, so I’m not an expert about this. The first I read about it, it must’ve been written by a complete optimist, cause it said it was 90%, but then I saw 50%, which was the pessimistic mind.

It depends on the phytoplankton populations in the oceans, and that is varying by the conditions every year.

The reproduction is dependent on the temperatures of the oceans too, they thrive on cold water …  as well as the nutrients and zooplankton eating habits.


Copied from Wikipedia.

Changes in the vertical stratification of the water column, the rate of temperature-dependent biological reactions, and the atmospheric supply of nutrients are expected to have important effects on future phytoplankton productivity.[5][6] Additionally, changes in the mortality of phytoplankton due to rates of zooplankton grazing may be significant. As a side note, one of the more remarkable food chains in the ocean – remarkable because of the small number of links – is that of phytoplankton-feeding krill (a crustacean similar to a tiny shrimp) feeding baleen whales


There are so many natural and man made obstacles to the maintenance of the overall phytoplankton populations, to blame any one cause for the decline in the populations, since the end of World War II.

It’s hard to rectify that the declines in reproduction, since I don’t know how to raise the nutrients to favor reproduction, as well as lower the temperatures of the oceans. They seem to thrive in colder waters.

All I know is the Amazon rainforests is getting the spotlight over the ocean algaes, which is wrong, cause the algae is more like the source of oxygen. Well, chlorophyll through photosynthesis is the source of oxygen, the algae is the vehicle that delivers the oxygen.

There are other sources, that deserve the limelight too, but I was annoyed by the centralization of the Amazon rainforests taking the central spotlight as the big forest oxygen producer. There are many other forests around the world that produce oxygen too.

So, I’m out of fire… and I made my point.

Algae of the oceans produce more oxygen than rainforests.


Oh I learned the direction of the westerly jet streams, turn toward the east seasonally from Africa… the Earth marvels me, when I learn something new about it.

When I saw the easterly winds from Africa carrying the nutrient rich of the Sahara sands being transported to the Amazon rainforests, I said I thought the jetstreams ran from west to east, but to my marvel I learned of the seasonal African wind.