Geodesic Farms for Fish

— Geodesic Farms for Fish —


Fish farming has become big business according to Motherboard, I went to school in Alaska that had courses in fish farming, but I stuck to the liberal arts…philosophy and religion.


The college Sheldon Jackson College closed, and is now Sitka Fine Arts Camp. They had a fisheries program there and a lot of my friends were students in the program.

I think they would find this interesting, and the money involved in farming, if that’s what you focused on, instead of the environment.

I found it interesting at least.


 I found another open ocean farm video by National Geographic, it seems logical for the health of the fish and the health of those who eat it.


I guess the water they’re grown in is important to the taste, I fear the monopoly of gaining farms for the sake of poisoning, it’s my conspiratorial views.

Like the misused unsourced Henry Kissinger quote:
“Control oil and you control the nations; control food and you control the people.”

Kissinger never said it, but in my mind it was said, so it’s in the world, and I have to clean it up…by thinking about it.

Anyway, to get back to ocean farming, I think it’s a good idea, I’ve seen fish farms, and the water that’s in them is like a cesspool, I wouldn’t want to eat out of it.

So the deep water farming is a good start, in fact I’m against farming for the sake of money… but you can’t say that to die hard capitalist who sees only $$$$ in his/her eyes…and they call me a socialist or liberal.

I hurt their ego, but I say what’s on my mind, it’s true to me.

Give the fish what God gave them, I see farming as a lazy man’s tool to earn a living, but that’s my cynical side talking, it’s closer than a closed pen full of sick fish, so I’m not complaining, cause I don’t have to live it.

Environmentally minded individuals when they’re not extreme, is a blessing to the stewardship of this planet… Good luck with deep sea farming, if their was a way you could make it voluntary for the fish, I would be more enthusiastic about it.