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The App Attacks

app attacks

— The APP Attacks —   The App attacks of the Internet of Things, with every seemingly mundane task to make your life easier, is making life more complicated and tedious. I guess the young and foolish like to be wild and unorganized. It’s not my cup of tea, though I like a good app, …

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Today’s YouTube Feeds 10/5/15

Today’s, well one is yesterday’s Youtube feeds, but the rest is today’s… I’ll include yesterday’s to end of this… it’s a song (cover)   This first video is of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Mental Health… it’s funny for some, but not the gun rights people, well I might be funny to some. He …

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Snowden in the Forecast

— Snowden in the Forecast, or the Post cast  —   This was posted this year, a couple of months ago… it is post about 2 years after the fact, and not clouded with conjectures, it’s both sides of the story. It may be edited with a bias for Edward Snowden, but it gives both …

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US attacked by the Chinese

— US attacked by the Chinese, at least by our paranoid research —     China attacks the CYBER US, I wonder if it’s just a provoked attack or a defense attack. How many attacks are under the NSA’s belt, and the other attacks by other nations, its what has been sown by the US? …

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Marketing companies worse than the NSA

— Marketing companies worse than the NSA —   There is no more control over your privacy, it died with the internet. RIP privacy, there is always hope for resurrection. With the endless amount of servers that are out there, and specializing in one form or another, you don’t know who to block anymore. Blocking …

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